M.R.M. Beaumont

General Director

W. van der Zandt

Director / CIO

Beaumont Capital has years of experience in the financial sector. We manage the capital of private individuals, associations, foundations and charitable organisations. As each client has their own ambition, principles and risk profile, we pay additional attention to your specific situation, objectives and wishes.

We give your financial assets the attention it deserves, leaving your agenda free for other important matters.

Our vision: translating your personal principles into a portfolio where risk and return are in perfect balance – your balance. In this way, your financial assets gets the attention it deserves at each moment and – perhaps more importantly – your time is freed up for other important matters.



Postal address
Postbus 21
3600 AA Maarssen
Visiting address
Vreeden Hoev
Straatweg 33 Maarssen
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