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Corporate Governance starts with Good Governance

Advisory Council

“Good Corporate Governance” receives ample attention and implementation within Beaumont Capital and is supported, among other initiatives, by the engagement of the Advisory Council – a committed professional sparring partner.

Th.B. de Vries RA

Member of the Advisory Council


Beaumont Capital N.V. holds a licence for operating as investment firm in compliance with the Financial Supervision Act (WFT) and is recorded in the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Beaumont Capital N.V. is registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI) and is affiliated with the Dutch Financial Services Complaints Authority (Kifid).

Risk Governance

Beaumont Capital manages the risks relevant to its continuity. The identifiable risks include the risks associated with the market, financial position, liquidity, suppliers and customers, operational processes (including IT), reputation and liabilities. The control measures are described and recorded in procedures (AO / IC). The establishment and compliance of these procedures is monitored internally and externally, by the statutory supervisory authorities, among others. Beaumont Capital avoids risky activities. It focuses its services exclusively on asset management. Since its inception, it has met the capital requirements set by DNB and also has an excellent liquidity position which guarantees that it will always be able to meet its payment obligations. The Company’s Annual Accounts are accompanied by an audit statement from an independent external chartered accountant on completion. The half-year figures are always accompanied by an auditor’s report from the same accountant.
Beaumont Capital NV is registered in the Trade Register under number 66860326.

Remuneration policy

Beaumont Capital NV follows a controlled remuneration policy for management and employees that complies with the statutory provisions of the Financial Companies Remuneration Policy Act (Wbfo). A general starting point is that the remuneration policy does not encourage taking additional risks, including sustainability risks. There is no relationship between the (variable) compensation of employees and the sustainability risks that are run alongside the other investment risks within the implementation of Beaumont Capital’s investment policy.

Complaints Procedure

Beaumont Capital strives toward satisfied clients. Are you dissatisfied with our services? Let us know and we will search for a suitable solution.

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Consumer Letter

Click here to view the Investment Policy Consumer Letter.


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