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Balance and teamwork

Portfolio management is a complex balancing act for specialised teams. Your capital is invested in diverse investment categories such as shares, corporate bonds, government bonds, real estate, commodities  and money market instruments. An informed allocation between the categories ensures a risk-return profile well-suited to your situation. With structured interpretation of developments in sectors, regions, organisations and financial markets, our investment committee sets guidelines for the investment policy. These guidelines are adopted into your portfolio. You are not dependent on the vision of any single advisor or manager. Balance is teamwork at Beaumont Capital.

Evolution “Sustainability” within Beaumont Capital

‘Sustainability’, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) or Sustainability (terms with a similar meaning) has taken off as a theme over the past 15 years and has now been embraced by investors worldwide. The reason is that it is also becoming increasingly clear that sustainable investment does not have to be at the expense of returns and can serve more than just economic interests, namely social and ethical interests. As a number of risks are reduced, the risk profile improves as such.

Integrating sustainability risks

Beaumont Capital’s investment policy evolves in parallel with economic and social developments. When assessing and monitoring individual stock choices, we also use increasingly available ‘sustainability criteria’ in addition to the ‘hard’ fundamental criteria. We use research in which these sustainability criteria are included on the E, S and G factor. We can thus qualify a large number of individual shares as ‘Sustainable Equity’.

Exclusions policy

Asset managers often work with so-called exclusion lists around this theme. However, it is still difficult to compile an unambiguous exclusion list. The criteria within the professional market differ too widely for that. This is mainly caused by the diversity of sustainability criteria or whether more weight is assigned to the E, S or G factor in the selection process. We are intrinsically motivated for the theme of Sustainability and apply this policy by not investing in companies with controversial activities. Within the investment universe, we choose above all companies with an attractive growth or price potential. The investment consideration includes whether they have sufficient ecologically, socially and ethically responsible business operations.

Explanation of the most important adverse effects on sustainability factors

Beaumont Capital does not consider the so-called “major adverse impacts on sustainability factors”, as defined in the SFDR, due to a lack of availability of relevant data and resources

Portfolio management is a complex balancing act for specialised teams. At Beaumont Capital, we find the balance between our expertise and your wishes.

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