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Why Beaumont Capital?

There are many reasons for entrusting your investments to a professional; you don’t have enough time, the world of investments doesn’t interest you or your position may not permit personal trade. However you look at it, investment is a profession. A profession that demands in-depth knowledge, access to countless sources and the time required to prepare fundamental analyses. The professionals at Beaumont Capital translate your personal circumstances and wishes into a portfolio with a perfect balance of risk and return – your balance. We adjust this portfolio when the market or your personal situation change. We aren’t swayed by passing trends or events; instead, we set our sights on the long-term trajectory. We operate independent; nothing divides your interests from our interests.

In control, but not behind the wheel

Investment is a means of achieving your financial objectives. That’s why we pay thorough attention to your personal situation, objectives and wishes. Which risk, for example, is acceptable to you? What is your investment horizon, the period within which you would like to reach your investment objectives? What monthly income would you like to draw from your capital? Your portfolio should offer comfort. Just as a tailor carefully takes your measurements, we want to truly understand you. Only then can we trade on your behalf, which of course is done in accordance with the management agreement we draw up with you.

We’d like to get to know you better, because capital management requires more than knowledge alone. Trust is key.

We’d like to get to know you better, because capital management requires more than knowledge alone. Trust is key.

Invest in trust

Capital management requires trust, which means we enter a long-term personal relationship with you. As with every trust-based relationship, this must be maintained. How we go about this depends on your unique wishes. We prefer to meet with you at least several times per year to reassess whether our strategy still aligns with your situation. In addition to our direct contact, you’ll also receive clear, detailed quarterly reports with insight into your portfolio, transactions conducted, and returns achieved. Our analysis of economic developments that influence our investment decisions is a standard component of this report.


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