Marie- Claire Greve

nature photographer (1966)

Marie-Claire: “I consciously choose to present nature in a beautiful way. In the hope that people will realise we need to be careful with this splendour. By selecting a surprising perspective, I derail the audience to expand the natural experience. My personal preference is documenting movement and searching for abstraction. In this way, I attempt to capture the ingredients of nature in such a way as to spark wonderment and pull individuals from looking to seeing.”

Marie-Claire uses full frame Nikon cameras and shoots her photos in ‘RAW’. She does not utilise drones or other remote techniques and is not a fan of ‘photoshopping’. Her ‘Birdseye’ series were shot from a helicopter, sitting in the open doorway. Several works from this series are featured throughout the site and in the Beaumont Capital offices.

Art expert Job Ubbens about Marie-Claire
Job Ubbens: “…We see unique angles, we see bold compositions, we note a phenomenal feeling for ambience and for the perfect moment… These are quality photos with a lasting impression, photos that you continue to look back on after seeing them once, moving photos. They take you on a journey, true conversation pieces!”

Alliance for Nature
Marie-Claire is one of the initiators of the ‘Alliance for Nature’. The net proceeds of her photos go to the ‘Alliance’ and other specific nature conservation and management projects.

Postal address
Postbus 21
3600 AA Maarssen
Visiting address
Vreeden Hoev
Straatweg 33 Maarssen
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